Spiritual Progress or Decline? A philosophical article about the progress of our human societies


By Orfeas Karabasis-Sasaridis

In this world of turbulence and uncertainty one has to wonder how he will proceed in life. Of course each of us is born and most of the time spends his life in certain environments with certain people. But of course in this globalized world a lot of people see and meet all kinds of humans. So in essence we have two categories those that remain stationary and those that move a lot, either in the planet or even in a given country. Either mentally (meaning they have a lot of things to preoccupy their mind) or physically.

But even if this is the case aren’t we all living in specified environments regardless of movement? We will never meet the entirety of humanity nor see the entirety of our country let alone the planet(no matter how rich or powerful you are). We are all limited in a specific material reality and gain various experience in different things we argue, fight, love etc. and then we die. Thus this “reality” ends.

The above are true for all humans regardless of time, place and gender. So how wise is for the ones governing the fates of millions or even billions of people to fight against other humans for land, money or any other reason? Isn’t their job to make the lives of everyone better? Or the circles that surround themselves with say: “we control everything thus if we benefit the rest of the country or planet will benefit” and thus justify their mortal and limited reign? Did they create humanity? Or were they born in the same way as the poorest human on Earth?

I write these more philosophical words because in our daily lives and in general in life we are occupied with “interests” of either ourselves or of others. And these “interests” do not bring neither joy nor anything useful to us as humans only conflict and confusion. In all countries “politicians” exist but I do not see a “politeia” only “states” that have “interests”. Words are now hollow shells of their true meaning. Education is only useful because it finds you a job and even this model isn’t guaranteed to work.

We have myriad systems, theories and technologies but what will remain from all of these in our minds and in our hearts? How will these make you care for others and thus for yourself? Simply they will not. None of the aspects that our societies have make us civilized but rather antagonistic and always materially minded.

Instead of equal progress in spirit and in soul, our societies teach us only about material knowledge, forgetting that we are more than just a body that moves. Thus I believe that for true progress and peace to exist in all countries the equilibrium of knowledge must be established to not have a heart made of stone but of caring, respect, openness and understanding.

All of us appear in this world the same way and leave it in the same way, civilization is judged by how the many live not the few. And I ask of you is humanity civilized? Do the towering skyscrapers show our inner growth and progress or our vanity and in essence our spiritual decadence?


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