What exactly is happening with the relations of Greece-Turkey


By Nikos Karabasis

The situation in Turkey is heading rapidly towards the worst scenario in relation to Greece. According to the available information and reporting the following come up:

  1. The two not so smart soldiers that got captured in time of peace in Evros, will face difficult times (it was not an arrest… nor other such “incidents” have happened in the past). Besides this, the Turks confiscated their military vehicle etc. – it is unknown why the Greek side continues to not say “truths” and to move in a line of cover up of the real events when it is certain that the Turkish side has pictures and videos of the incident. In what does such a “tactic” benefit Greece? And is it possible in only five days to have three different official positions for the incident? (the Greek Army said other things, the minister Kamenos other and Kouvelis other- obviously they are searching for ways to tell us “half truths” and not outright lie).
  2. Since Turkey has tallied up its account concerning oil (for example Mosul and will do anything to keep control) what they are definitely interested in, is the co-exploitation of the wells in Cyprus, while in Aegean in the worst case scenario to block the progress of Greece in the field of energy-except if there is some kind of co-exploitation-.
  3. Since Russia is stopping -in the next 2-3 years- the flow of natural gas towards Europe (through Ukraine), the only pipeline will be the Turkish stream up until the borders of Evros. The US is building their own “terminal” in Alexandroupoli (and elsewhere). All the pipelines of natural gas from Bulgaria, Skopje and Albania will end up in Northern Greece. This means that Thrace and Macedonia begin to have “special geopolitical importance”. Now you understand why there is such a rush to give the name Macedonia, why Erdogan visited Thrace and the embrace by Ankara of Albania, Kosovo etc. wanting to create (rapidly) the so called “Muslim ark” in the Balkans -in essence there is a giant operation of Turkish influence in the Muslims that resides in the Balkans (they give them money, identities etc.). The ghetto of Muslims in Thrace is exclusively a creation by Turkey and it is noteworthy how the Greek governments are playing with the lives of so many Greek citizens (the first measure should be to close the Turkish consulate which has proved to be a lair of intelligence agents). This means that the weight of Turkey will not fall on Cyprus and on the Aegean but rather on Thrace. All the things that are going on in the sea are a distraction and pressure, for the reasons that I explained. Besides Erdogan is building-as he says- the Turkey of his heart (and not of borders).
  4.  The USA -through N.Berns that handles the matters in our region- because they have lost “important influence” within Turkey (especially after the failed coup) are flirting seriously with the idea of co-exploitation of the Aegean (for reasons that are not necessary to explain here further)- meaning putting Turkey in the Aegean “in order to control Turkey, through their companies”. What hill happen with the stance of the US will be apparent, if the ExxonMobil drill will leave or not (the one that is heading towards Cyprus).
  5. The EU -that after the elections in Italy- is heading towards dissolution and whatever is left towards Germanification (for this reason Germans are taking over all the posts inside the EU). If the synod in Barna (26/3/2018) is not postponed with Turkey , we will see how it will integrate the subject of “the Greek soldiers that are in captivity” in its agenda. Its a fact that the EU looks more like a drama. Besides the friendly and traditional ties that Germany always had with Turkey are well known.
  6.  Inside Greece the environment -with responsibility of the current Greek government- is totally divisive and toxic that does not allow any credible talks (in any level). It is unknown what will happen in the near future because except from all the other difficulties, the current government does not have any social or popular support (we are not talking about the paid polls). This conclusion comes from the fact that the massive demonstrations against the agenda of the government regarding the name of Skopje (close to a million people) , it is easy to understand what may happen in times of crisis.
  7.  It is imperative for the Board of National Security to be created in Greece -which IT will be responsible and take decisions for all security subjects- and another the National Assembly of Greece-Cyprus that will be responsible for all matters regarding the security of the two countries. These should have been created “yesterday”.

All of the above are indicative elements of reporting that underline the fact that tensions will not decline (as the government or anyone else would want) but the opposite meaning, the escalation of the crisis with Turkey (because simply this is the plan by Erdogan and many friends and allies are flirting with him -not officially of course- and unfortunately important Greek businessmen that are seeing profits from such events…)

Closing I have to reiterate that the main target of the enemies of Greece is Northern Greece.


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