Cities of the future, how the landscape affects us


By Solon Euthimiou

Our cities are a reflection of our society, when we walk out in the street, take a walk in the park or drive to our jobs we are inside a manmade environment. Most of the time we do not stop to see our surroundings. Nor do we form some kind of opinion on them.

I think the reason for that is that we simply don’t have the power to change these things. For example if the sidewalk is broken we can’t fix it. The authorities are the ones responsible.

These kind of services work differently in each country. In Asia I believe that these things are handled very well. You see order. The same thing can be said for Europe. Mainly near the historic centers and in some towns. And of course also in the countryside. But there is not a unified architecture nor a unified philosophy regarding the human landscape.

As humanity reaches towards unification (who knows when), I believe that the architecture will become more unified and the flaws that exist today in our towns, cities, villages will not exist. At the moment technology is theoretically connecting us but as the founder of Facebook says the world is more divided now.

The reason is that we humans are not just material entities but also ethereal. We combine both technologies. When the second tech becomes more understood, the landscape will also change. And the divisions will start to fade (under certain parameters).

So I ask of you, do you think that our urban and rural environment shape us and if they do, to what extent? And how can we become better or improve it?

I think that all of us should ask these kind of questions because I believe that through these simple and short quests of “thought” we can extract valuable information about our world and ourselves.

And who knows in time you might ask the same thing twice and find something else.


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