“Firefly” light that floats on ultrasonic waves is invented by Japanese scientists


    Japanese scientists have created a small electronic light the size of a firefly that can fly in waves of ultrasound. A discovery that can allow the creation of moving displays or projection mapping.

    They named it Luciola it has a weight of 16.2 mg and a diameter of 0.14 inches.

    The time it took for this discovery to get this far was 2 years. The one who designed it is Makoto Takamiyaa member of the Kawahara Universal Information Network Project, which developed the device.

    The device is expected to have application in the internet of things, in normal objects such as vehicles or home devices like fridges that will be connected to the networks and will be able to receive and send data.

    Also it can have sensors that can detect temperature and thus being able to detect humans or map other projects.

    All of these are part of the Kawahara Information Network Project which is a government-funded program. In turn the program is under the umbrella of the Japan Science and Technology Agency.


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