In China the political ecology and the example of leadrship are important


The President of China Xi Jinping on Saturday said that a “clean and upright” ecology in politics is needed and urged the rest of the official to be exemplary politicians.

He compared political ecology with nature that can be polluted quite easily and thus virtues are needed by men in order to preserve it.

Top official should show leadership and be exemplary.

The Constitution and the rule of law is to be safeguarded above all else. Three virtues were given special attention:

1)Political virtue, meaning firmness in political ideology and conviction.

2)Good public virtue, officials need to serve the people.

3)Individual virtue, meaning that they should not be tempted by corrupt practices.

“Officials should never indulge themselves, never cross the line, never break the rule, and improve immunity to corruption,” he said.

“Don’t let pillow talk lead you down to corruption. Don’t let your children engage in self-dealing using your name. Don’t be dragged into the ‘muddy water’ by people around you,” Xi warned.


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