The roadmap for AI according to the predictions of the experts


AI(Artificial Intelligence) is growing exponentially. The market will grow from $2bn that was in 2015 to about $130bn by 2025.

Massive social changes are expected so this is the rough roadmap that experts came up with for us to be prepared:

2020: Win the World Series of Poker

Within just a couple of years, AI is expected to play well enough to win the World Series of Poker. AI can already play – and beat – professional card players at Texas Hold’em. Experts believe it won’t take too long before a machine is crowned champion.

2026: Write a high school essay

In under 10 years, AI is expected to be able to write an essay for a high-school history class that will both receive high grades and fool plagiarism detectors.

2027-2028: Successfully mimic a specific artist, and generate a Top 40 pop song

As mentioned above, AI is already in used music production in a variety of ways. Experts believe that, by 2027, it will be able to produce a song that is indistinguishable from a new song by a given artist. Not only that, but the technology is expected to be good enough to deceive experienced listeners into thinking it is really by the artist it has been tasked to mimic.

Just a year after achieving one music milestone, AI is expected to reach another. By 2028, it is predicted that AI will compose a song that is good enough to reach the US Top 40.

2028: Generate creative video

AI can be used to identify narrative arcs in videos and predict how people will react to them. AI is also able to use a text input to generate a video, taking only 10 seconds to produce a first cut.
AI could take a leap forward around the same time as its debut in the Top 40 charts. By

2028, experts predict AI will be able see a short video of a scene and then construct a 3D model of that scene good enough to create a new, realistic video of the same scene from a substantially different angle.

2049: Write a New York Times bestseller

In just over 30 years from now, AI is expected to write a novel or short story that will make it to the New York Times best-seller list.

Change, positive and negative, is occurring at an exciting and dizzying pace. But some view existing AI governance frameworks as inadequate. Is the world ready for the challenges and opportunities AI will bring?

It is more important than ever for society to think about how AI could impact all facets of daily life, and business leaders and policy-makers each have a role in supporting the proliferation of responsibly designed, developed and used AI technologies. It is essential to think about how AI could be used with societal benefit in mind.

The roadmap above is from the World Economic Forum



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