Patience is ruling before North Korean talks

Photo : Calvin Chua

There is a deafening silence before the summits between the US and South Korea. China is urging for patience.

Both South Korea and China are exercising caution on the matter. Specifically the South Koreans are visiting China and Japan to update them regarding these important matters.

“We have not seen nor received an official response from the North Korean regime regarding the North Korea-U.S. summit,” Baik Tae-hyun, spokesman for the South’s Ministry of Unification, told a regular news conference.

South Korean officials are grateful from the support of their Chinese counterparts and for the support by president Xi Jinping.

Trump and Kim Jong Un will be meeting by the end of May and the two Koreas will hold a joint summit by April.

Regardless of these steps, both Japan and South Korea have agreed to continue to put pressure on the dictatorial regime.

In the North the media always cite the danger of war and war against war like aspirations by either Japan or the US.


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