Research on quantum computers is continuing ever onwards


    The advances in quantum computing are shaping nicely according to many in the technology industry. Many of todays companies are trying to get their hands on the technology on way or another. Intel just announced that it has made a significant breakthrough in the sector.

    Qubits are used in a quantum processor, all the current computers use superconducting qubits for them to function.

    But Intel announced that it has found an alternate structure. Qubits that work in silicon have been developed called spin qubits. They can  “overcome some of the scientific hurdles to take quantum computing from research to reality,” said Intel.

    They are designed to deliver their quantum power through leveraging the spin of a single electron on a silicon device, subsequently controlling the movement with the use of tiny, microwave pulses.

    The advantage of quantum computing is that the electrons instead of values of 1(meaning is spins up) or 0(spins down), they can exist in a “superposition” state where they can have both states of 1 and 0. In this way they can process gigantic amounts of data in parallel.

    Spin qubit are small. Their size is an advantage because as researchers aim to scale the system to hold millions of them in one place, a small size will be necessary for commercialization.

    The company also mentioned that they expect to be able to produce “many wafers per week, each with thousands of small qubit arrays,” all within a couple of months.

    Of course many more tests need to be done before any of us sees this technology in the market.


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