The Korean Advanced Inistitute of Science and Technology aims to become a world leading university


KAIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) revealed it vision for 2031 in order to emerge in the top 10 universities of the world.

The plan is named “KAIST vision 2031”. It plans to bring the university in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That means by that time it will have reached its goal of becoming world renowned.

For this to work different strategies across all sectors of the university will evolve and receive upgrades of all kinds. For example the new KAIST spirit of challenge, creativity and caring was introduced.

“KAIST has joined the ranks of world-class universities over the past 50 years, but we also need to re-establish our vision and strategies to find measures to further develop the university,” KAIST President Shin Sung-chul said in a press conference in Seoul.

“Since last April, a committee has been in operation under the direct control of the president,” he said. Shin took office in March 2017.

confidence and challenging spirits.

“KAIST plans to recruit more students from regular high schools as well as female students and by 2031, KAIST plans to establish more than 60 Collaborative Research Labs,”Shin added.

Also the funding is important and KAIST aims to secure close to $1bn.


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