A new mysterious phenomenon appeared next to the Aurora Borealis

    Photo: NASA

    A mysterious aurora appeared in Scotland’s sky. The phenomenon has been dubbed a Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement or “STEVE” that has been seen during displays of the Aurora Borealis overnight.

    The previous week NASA asked for volunteers in order to help with a project for understanding “STEVE”. The phenomenon has been seen alongside the Aurora Borealis and can be distinguished by its distinctive shape, its narrow arc, it has an orientation from east to west and extends for hundreds or thousands of miles.

    While the Aurora Borealis is green, “STEVE” is emits purple hues. It can last for over one hour and it was seen above the skies of Skye and Lewis. Further sightings were reported from Oban in Argyll and Gairloch in Wester Ross.

    Of course the Aurora appeared many times without “STEVE”. NASA after viewing many photographs came to the conclusion that it was not a proton aurora, as is the case with many northern lights.


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