Worlds biggest cruise ship ready for maiden voyage

Photo: Royal Caribbean

The worlds largest cruise ship was delivered by French shipbuilder STX. The ship is the Symphony of the Seas owned by US giant Royal Caribbean International. Its maiden journey will be in the Mediterranean.

The ship is gigantic weighing 228.000 tonnes and having 362 meters in height. It also has 2.700 cabins.

The ship was being built for over two years and can hold up to 8.000 people including 2.200 staff. Of course its billed as all around better than its predecessors.

For the French company STX this marks a very well future as it already has orders for two more ships per year up until 2020.

STX was supposed to have sold 50% of its stake to Italians but French President Emmanuel Macron nationalized the company. But now it appears that the parties have re-agreed to a fifty-fifty split.


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