Meeting between Trump-Putin may happen in the future The relation of the two countries is strained in the last month after diplomatic retaliations and tough language

Photo: Steffen Kugler via AP

President Donald Trump suggested that he could meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Washington, DC an aide from the Russian side said.

None the less, no such meeting is planned for now since the telephone call that was held in March 20 2018. Also the two countries are at each other throats over the poisoning of a double agent in England. After all President Trump expelled 60 diplomats as retaliation and Russia responded by expelling the same number from Russia alongside closing the US consulate in Saint Petersburg.

Aside from these there are hopes that such a meeting could take place. In the phone call of March 20 they discussed on the importance of combatting international terrorism and also that cooperation is needed in order to prevent another arms race. Overall the two leaders have met only two times in the G20 summit in July in Germany and during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November.


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