Turkey,Russia and Iran hold summit for Syrian ceasefire in Ankara


The alliance of the three nations Turkey, Russia and Iran seems to cement over the Syrian war that has continued for close to a decade. The three presidents of these nations Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani vowed yesterday to create a “lasting ceasefire” and as a first step they will build a hospital in Tel Abyad and help refugees flee from Eastern Ghouta.

Of course it must be noted that although the three countries will be working as one after these talks, during the war they have supported different sides the Russian and Iranians supported the regime of Assad while Turkey in many cases has supported anti-Assad factions.

But the most problematic issue that arises from these high-level meetings concerns the West and mainly the United States who look isolated and diplomatically cut off. In the meeting Turkey also agreed to move forward with the S-400 missile systems of Russian origin while declining an offer made by the US for the Patriots.

Also Russia is building a $20Bn nuclear power plant in Turkey which began its construction yesterday, the Russian company Rosatom is the one that was given authority to build on the Akkuyu Nuclear Plant’s first unit. Furthermore, in 2017 Russia signed a $30Bn energy co-operation plan with Iran. Alongside these deals Turkey is the one that holds back the refugees that have stemmed from the conflict, through the deal with the EU. Many times the deal was used as a bargaining chip with the EU.

All these events definitely create a problem as to how the US will handle the ensuing events. President Trump has openly opposed the Syrian regime of Assad and has compared the President of Iran Rouhani to Hitler and also has made public many times his great dissatisfaction with the nuclear deal that was made during the Obama presidency.

This is the second summit that the countries hold, the first one was in Sochi 2017 and was hosted by Putin.


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