Luxury space hotel is planned to launch in 2021 amid renewed interest for space


The company based in Houston and called Orion Span is planning to build a space station by 2021 and host guests or clients by 2022. There you will be able to stay for twelve days and approximately watch 384 sunrises and sunsets. It will accommodate 4 people and 2 crew members each time and will make the circle of the earth in high speeds.

Of course this does not come cheap as one night will set you back $791,666 and you need to make an $80.000 deposit first. In total the 12 day trip will cost the 4 travelers $9.5 million each. This is considered cheap by the company, as it says that prices are declining regarding launches.

The space luxury hotel comes at a time where everyone is trying to get into orbit faster, better and more economically among a revival of space interest from private companies in the commercial space industry. In February Elon Musk launched the Falcon Heavy from the Kennedy Space Center which also contributed to this resurgence of interest.

Also this is a time where the role of NASA and private space companies is been remade and policies as to how they can cooperate are on the table.

The hotel will offer a variety of attractions according to the company like being able to watch your home from space, of course zero gravity, the ability to take part in experiments and other activities. Before you make the trip though you will need to make a 3 month intensive training program that was streamlined from the normal 24 month one. The experience is for those with an avid interest and passion about life in space as astronauts and not the equivalent of a summer holiday.


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