China continues advancement in its weather modification technologies


China is making more than 55 billion tons of artificial rain every year and that’s since 2013. This month Chinese authorities announced that they are planning to force rain and snow fall in an area of over 1.6 million square kilometers or 620.000 square miles which is roughly 3 times the area of Spain.

The technology is military grade and was developed by the state owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, they way in which they will achieve their goals is by building tens of thousands of combustion chambers on the mountains of Tibet. These chambers will burn a solid fuel and that will have as a result the spraying of silver iodide heading towards the sky.

At the moment more than 500 burners have been constructed on the alpine slopes of Tibet and the results are so fascinating that after activation snow would fall immediately. The plateau in Tibet is vital for the water supply of China and much of Asia. The rivers that it feeds is the Yangtze river, the Yellow river and others and rivers in other countries like India.

This technology is new and state of the art as until now planes or rockets were used for the rainmaking process or “cloud-seeding” to take effect. “Cloud-seeding” in essence is sending via rockets chemicals into clouds which accelerate the creation of ice-crystals and they eventually become rain. China has also used military planes for this process, as it is seen as a way to clear the heavy polluted smog that exists in the country.

Of course this is not something new since in 2008 at the time of the Beijing Olympics China launched more that a 1000 rockets containing silver iodide into the sky.


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