Military offensive by Western powers in Syria capitulating on their rhetoric


More than a 100 missiles were fired in Syria by UK,US and France forces marking the first coordinated attack against the government of Syria by Western forces. The strike has been dubbed “one-time” and targeted only a select number of targets in Damascus that were used for research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological weapons along with storage facilities in Homs and a command post in that area.

Russia’s air defense unit did not have any involvement in the attack. Syria says that they intercepted the majority of the missiles with their air defenses but the Pentagon says that no missiles were intercepted and nothing that the Syrians did had any effect on the operation. Also none of the strikes hit areas covered by Russia’s air defenses. No casualties have been reported since the areas had been already evacuated.

The attacks were made by US ships located in the Red Sea, also from tactical airplanes located in the Mediterranean and by US bombers from Al-Tanf base which is located in southeastern Syria.


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