Violence in many different countries flairs up in the last couple of days Acts of barbarity against peaceful citizens all over the world is something very saddening and needs to stop at some point


First the suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan left over 50 dead at a voter registration center.

Then an attack by a naked man in Nashville, America which killed 4 people one at the spot and the rest dying of their wounds. He was stopped by a brave young man who gripped the hot barrel of the gun and threw it over a counter and then threw the gunman outside. Police say that they finally captured him after a 24-hour manhunt.

Now in Toronto, Canada there are reports of a van running over pedestrians and that over 10 people are injured, in a style of attack that unfortunately is very familiar in the last couple of years. Hoping that everyone is okay after such inhumane and barbaric act, along with anyone that had to experience such events.


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