Neymar may be moving to a new team, that of Madrid although the price is high


The new rumors are reported by Spanish newspaper Marca saying that the 26-year old Brazilian Neymar da Silva Santos that is now playing in the Ligue 1 in France for the team PSG.

The newspaper put a picture of the football star showing him and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid walking together.

The Brazilian became one of the worlds best footballers after he joined in 2013 FC Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Alberto Suarez forming the famous triangle of “MSN” (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) and taking the title of the European Champion’s League in 2015.

He left Barca in 2017 for French club PSG thinking that they would compete in the final stages of the Champion’s League that would allow him to compete for the Ballon D’Or, but the team has now back to back disqualifications in the prestigious European League, falling short of its goal to conquer the title, let alone reach the semi-finals.

Thus the rumors come after the abovementioned climate in the team and in his aspiration to become the best football player in the world. The French newspapers have denied these rumors and that he has no intention of leaving if PSG accepts to raise his weekly salary from 750.000 euros to 1.1 million euros. Which doesn’t seem to be happening as it is a rather outrageous demand.

Of course, the head coach of PSG Unai Emery Etxegoien is denying that the player will move. In his contract Neymar does not have a cancelation clause, which means that any team that wants him will have to pay at least 400 million euros. An amount that is nothing to scoff at even for Real Madrid standards.


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