Donald Trump announced that the US will withdraw from the Iran deal


The president announced Tuesday that the US will withdraw from “one-sided” deal with Iran regarding the formers nuclear program.

The deal was negotiated from his predecessor Barack Obama and was aimed to curb out Iran’s nuclear program, because there were fears that it was developing nuclear weapons.

The announcement comes amidst heightened pressure on Iran, from Israel and also from Saudi Arabia. Both countries have warned that there could be war with Iran in the near future.

Mr. Trump said about the deal: “This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.” and “It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it will never will.”

Of course in the deal with Iran there are also China and Russia, who won’t sit idly watching. Also, the European allies of the US did not want this as was emphasized by French President Emmanuel Macron both during his trip on the White House and during a phone call before the announcement was made.

Prompting the French President, the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to issue a joint statement that urged Iran to “continue to meet its obligations under the deal”.

One of the reasons that the talks collapsed is because the US President insisted that strict limits be kept on Iran’s nuclear fuel production after 2030, which the deal lifted.

This turn of events will see that all previous sanctions on Iran will be reinstated, alongside new economic penalties.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the decision by saying that “The deal didn’t push war further away, it actually brought it closer” and “The deal didn’t reduce Iran’s aggression, it dramatically increased it, and we see this across the entire Middle East.”

After the financial sanctions all European companies will have about 90 to 180 days to end their operations in Iran, or will run afoul of the American banking system. Also, Europeans and Asian nations will have to reduce their oil imports from Iran.


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