The awaited opening of the US Embassy in Israel comes with a heavy price in lives


52 Palestinians were killed that demonstrated along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, with more than 2.400 people wounded. This marks by far the bloodiest day since the 2014 war with Israel.

The protests of nearly 35.000 Palestinians comes at the day of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The opening was made by the Ivanka Trump the daughter of the President and her husband Jared Kushner, who is for a Jewish family with close ties to now Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Ivanka has also converted to Judaism.

The relations of the two countries are definitely at their best, since the two sides seem to agree on a lot of things from the Iran deal and now as to who Jerusalem belongs, something that US Foreign policy supported the two state solution, now seems more like one state solution.

This move along with what appears to be a Saudi re-alignment with Isreali interests will most likely play a decisive role in the future of the area and of the humans that inhabit it.


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