The Syrian government regains the full control of Damascus


The fighters of the Islamic State began evacuating their final stronghold in southern Damascus on Sunday, bringing the Syrian government a step closer to controlling the capital.

Bashar al-Assad the Syrian President has used effectively a mixture of military pressure and evacuations deals during the last couple of months in order to recapture his lost territory.

Last month, Syrian troops with help from Palestinian militias launch an offensive against IS positions in Southern Damascus. After weeks of fighting, the sides reached a deal for the remaining IS fighters to leave the district of Yarmuk and the adjacent one of Tadamun, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Syrian state media and Palestinian officials deny that any deal or evacuations ever took place.

The Syrian civil war has lasted long enough and it appears that some side is beginning to prevail in the battlefields and at least it is not the one with the black flags. We must not forget that President Putin said to the Syrian President that all foreign armies will leave, in order for the eventual reconstruction of the country to take place.


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