Champions League is won by Real Madrid against Liverpool Real Madrid vs Liverpool (3-1) in a very unlucky day for Liverpool and a professional one for the winners


In a match were the way that the goals were scored were astonishing, Real Madrid came ahead with 3-1 against Liverpool.

The turning point of the match was when the star of Liverpool with 44 goals on his back Mohamed Salah left the much after receiving an injury in the arm, possibly dislocating it. This injury came after he and Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid and captain of the team were playing for the ball and the second possibly unwillingly locked the arm of the Egyptian and fell on it with the momentum of his body. Regardless, it was enough to send the striker out of the game from the 30th minute and probably he will not play in Russia for the World Cup.

After this Liverpool collapsed.

Real Madrid opened the score with Karim Benzema that exploited a tremendous fault by the goalkeeper of Liverpool Karius, of course his attacking prowess made that possible as much as the mistake made by the goalkeeper.

Then a ray of hope from a corner were Mane came and made the score 1-1.

After this Zidane made a substitution putting Bale into the match that scored the last two goals.

In the end the score wrote 3-1, one sided celebrating and the other in tears. One thing is certain that Liverpool fans will remember how unlucky they were through out the entire of this final.

Congratulations to both teams for their hard efforts, competing at the highest level of football in the world.


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