Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore laid out, could extend duration for a second day


After a lot of drama and heated rhetoric everything seems to go fine for the US and North Korea flirt. The awaited meeting will take place next Tuesday and officials from the US are ready for staying one more day in Singapore.

Donald Trump is appearing to be flexible in this very important deal, that could bring him a major win as he would probably say for his administration. Striking a peace deal that his predecessors could not is a major thing for the US, its Asian allies and of course for the whole world and he could even claim the Nobel Peace prize, making another jab to former President Barack Obama, who earned the prize signaling that he is as good and better than him in a shorter period of time.

It is a heated period for the administration, especially with the pressure that is being put to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with many scandals appearing left and right and officials currently resigning. Many Republicans are frustrated with the lack of order there.

One is certain that, until Tuesday a lot of things can happen so we will see if the “flexible” Donald will stay on course for this.



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