NASA prepares for the exploration of the Moon and Mars, but also of deep space


    More specifically NASA is seeking the partnership of US private companies in order for them to provide the agency with the power and propulsion components of the First Gateway Element that will enable exploration to the Moon.

    In order to meet current Gateway development planning, NASA is targeting launch of the power and propulsion element on a partner provided commercial rocket in 2022.

    NASA’s Gateway element is part of the agency’s Exploration Campaign that will see NASA return to the Moon with commercial and international partners.

    The next step is the agency’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships or NextSTEP, which began in 2016 and is aimed in the construction of a habitable environment for the Gateway.

    The director of Advanced Exploration Systems Jason Crusan said: “Since the directive was issued in December to return to the Moon, the agency has been moving full-steam ahead with plans for robotic and human lunar exploration.”


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