Russia is rearming itself with top of the line weaponry


The Russian deputy prime minister, Yury Borisov who also oversees Russia’s military-industrial complex and military-technical policy said during his speech at the Military Academy of the General Staff that as part of an on-going large-scale rearmament 6 new unrivaled weapons will be added.

Sarmat ICBM

Is the new intercontinental ballistic missile in Russia’s arsenal, that was revealed by Vladimir Putin on March 1. The missile will be able to carry payloads anywhere on the planet. The deployment date is expected to be 2020, at the moment is in its testing phase.

5th-generation stealth fighter

The fifth generation Su-57 will be delivered next year to the armed forces, with the first contract of 12 such aircrafts already in effect. The plane has low visibility technologies, improved radar and composite materials, alongside new engines.

T14- Armata Tank

By 2020 at least 100 of these tanks are expected to be in the ranks of Russia’s armed forces. They have a fully automated and unmanned turret equipped with a 125mm cannon that can hit targets at a range of 7km. The cannon can fire 12 rounds per minute. The crew is protected inside a special multi-layered cell and will have access to HD cameras for the outside view.


Right now the S-400 Triumph are the backbone of Russia’s air defense but they will be replaced by the even more advanced S-500 “Prometheus” created by the same producer Almaz-Antey. To understand how advanced the S-500 will be lets see the specs of the S-400. The S-400 can engage targets at a range of up to 400km and ballistic missiles to 60km. One S-400 can engage 36 targets at the same time. Many nations have sought them, for example Turkey. The S-500 can reportedly down hypersonic missiles and also F-22 raptors and the US most advanced aircraft the F-35 jets. The S-500 are in testing phase but they might be deployed in 2020.

“Nudol” missile defense shield

Since the escalating pressure from the US, Russia has decided to upgrade its defense shield and especially the one that protects Moscow. This new interceptor systems was named “Nudol”. It’s characteristics are not know, given its sensitive nature. But it can reportedly defend Russian territories from a multiple-warhead nuclear strike and intercept all modern ICBM missiles, some reports go even further suggesting it can down even satellites.

Tirada-2s satellite jammer

This is a weapon as its name suggests for jamming satellites. It renders satellites useless cutting off all communication from any aggressor. Modern warfare has the satellite usage at its core and thus this weapon is also a cutting edge weapon equal to the rest.


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