Thai diver dies in an ongoing effort of rescuing trapped kids in a cave UPDATE: All kids have been saved including their coach


UPDATE: As of July 10 2018 all kids and their coach have been saved.

The death of former Thai navy SEAL was confirmed early Friday during the rescue operation to save a boys soccer team that was trapped from floodwaters in cave in Thailand, as the operation begins to become even more dangerous as time passes.

Saman Kuman, 38 fell unconscious underwater and died at 1 a.m. as he attempted to return from placing air tanks inside the underground cave complex. A fellow diver was unable to rescue him.

The commander of the SEAL unit Admiral Apakorn Yuukongkaew said “The conditions in the care are tough” and added¬† “Once he placed the oxygen tanks he became unconscious on his way back. His buddy tried to administer first aid, when there was no response he tried to move him.” and “We won’t let his life be in vain. We will carry on.”

The 12 boys and their coach are stranded in the cave for more than 10 days now. The air supply in the cave has been a concern since the presence of hundreds of workers have depleted much of it. Also another concern is the monsoon season that is right over the corner.

There are three scenarios right now of rescuing the boys and their coach who is a monk, that lost his entire family from a contagious disease and went to the monastery after this event. Rescue alternatives include teaching the boys to dive and then swim out, something the if its fatal for a seasoned navy SEAL for the boys would be even more risky, remaining in the cave until the wet season ends and flood waters recede or drilling a shaft into the cage from the forest above.


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