Ethiopia and Eritrea sign “declaration of peace and friendship” after decades of strife


The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a “declaration of peace and friendship” according to Eritrea’s information minister, a day after a summit to normalise the relations between the two countries.

“The Agreement, which specifies five pillars, was signed this morning at State House by President Isaias Afwerki and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.”

The meeting that was held in Asmara ended decades of diplomatic and armed conflict. The Ethiopian side with PM Abiy took the initiative, that was welcomed by Eritrean President Afwerki in the capital.

Abiy said “We agreed that the airlines will start operating, the ports will be accessible, people can move between the two countries and the embassies will be opened.”

The two nations are located at The Horn of Africa, with the dispute starting since Ethiopia rejected a United Nations ruling and refused to cede to Eritrea land along the countries border, followed by the war of 1998-2000 that costed 80.000 lives.


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