The US President visits England and Scotland in diplomatic trips


It has been a tumultuous few days for politicians in the EU. First the US President hit back at Germany’s Chancellor and then proceeded as if nothing happened, the same thing happened with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May by making an interview a few days before his trip to the british newspaper The Sun.

In the interview he said that the UK Prime Minister did not listen to his advise of seeking a full divorce from the EU and that she opted for a different route the one of a soft divorce. Also that the now resigned Boris Johnson would be a great Prime Minister, he resigned because May wanted to pursue a less agressive Brexit. He also criticized the mayor of London saying that he has done a terrible job and that in the past he loved London now not so much.

Also he added that his wife and he admire the Queen as a tremendous woman and that she represents the UK so well, never making a mistake and having beautiful grace and that his mother loved the Queen.

Continuing he also took a different stance on the immigration that has plagues Europe for the last years saying that it was wrong to allow millions and millions to come the way the came to Europe and that it will be hard to reverse the situation.

After these remarks when the press conference with May came he down played the interview a tactic that the US President is familiar. First he sets fire to the situation and then tries to minimize the damage and ending on top of the other side.

He also continued his battle stance against CNN and NBC saying they are “fake news” and that he doesn’t take question from fake news and instead he prefers “real news” from his preferred channel Fox News.

After his trip he landed on Scotland from where his mother is descended before immigrating to News York in the 1930s.

There the government of Scotland has been criticized for the obscene cost for security reaching to $6.6 million.

In Scotland Trump will stay in his golf resort valued at $44 million, playing golf among other things.

(The press conference starts at 21 minutes)


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