France takes home its 2nd World Cup beating Croatia 4-2


The game started with Croatia being the better team but they were unlucky when Mario Mandzukic scored an own goal and put France ahead 1-0.

After the surprise ended Croatia was able to come back with a goal from Ivan Perisic who was the best player for Croatia up until that moment, thus making the score 1-1.

Unfortunately for Croatia before the end of the half time the ball hit the hand of Ivan Perisic after a corner and a correct penalty was given for France that Antoine Griezmann scored making the score 2-1.

After the half time France was the better team and scored two consecutive goals with Paul Pogba making the 3-1 and Kylian Mbappe the 4-1. Where everything seem to end the French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris made an amazing mistake by trying to drible Mario Mandzukic and the ball ended to the back of the nets for the final score 4-2.

Overall this was a very good World Cup with many outsiders beating heavyweight teams like Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil etc. and a final that had many goals.

Also the VAR system was very successful and many matches would have ended differently without its existence, thus we can make the assumption that it is a system that allows for fare football to be played, since all controversial moments can be resolved immediately. Let’s hope that we will see more of it in the future, since it has now been tested.


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