Trump wants to pursue interview with special investigators


Lawyers of Donald Trump and lawyers of special council Robert S. Mueller III have negotiated for almost 8 months now an interview with the President regarding his connections with Russia and the assumed Russian meddling in the elections of 2016 that saw Trump win.

To note Trump has repeatedly pushed back against these claims calling it a “witch hunt” set up by “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in order to justify their loss.

The President lawyers said that they are considering the offer and that the interview will not be so much of an interview but will have written answers in order for the President to not be legally exposed against the investigators.

This whole story has dragged on long enough and the President definitely wants an end to it. His former personal lawyer Michael D. Cohen already paid the price by having to be jailed.

It appears that “draining the swamp” is proving difficult even though as a President he has achieved various positives and of course negatives regarding his behavior especially towards the media. His favoritism for some and complete disregard of others show the level in which distrust has set upon the political field of America.


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