Hawaii braces for impact as Hurricane Lane approaches Category 5 hurricane is a histroric proportions storm to hit the Big Island


On Tuesday night, the National Weather Service announced that Hurricane Lane had become a Category 5 hurricane which means that it will cause catastrophic damage with winds 160 mph or above. The hurricane is about 500 miles or 804 kilometers southeast of Honolulu.

The storm had been moving west but is expected to turn northwest toward the state Wednesday.

“It is much too early to confidently determine which, if any, of the main Hawaiian islands will be directly impacted by Lane,” the weather service said.

But the hurricane center said the storm will move very close to or over the islands from Thursday through Saturday. Even if the center of Lane doesn’t make landfall, the islands could be drenched in rain and be hit by very strong air currents.

The east side of the Big Island has usually taken the brunt from previous storms and is still recovering from the volcano eruption, but this time data shows that the south and western areas of the Island will be hit.

Officials appear to be happy with the behavior of the citizens, as they prepare for the storm the first big hurricane since 1994.



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