Japan is hit by strongest storm in the last two decades


The Typhoon named Jebi made its landfall in western Japan with winds of up to 216km/h. The areas that are hit were still recovering from previous record rain levels that hit Japan earlier this summer.

The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged civilians to evacuate dangerous areas and ordered the government to protect all civilians as is expected in such dangerous catastrophes.

Japans weather agency has also issued warnings about landslides, flooding’s and violent winds, as well as high tides, lightnings and even tornadoes in a huge area of western Japan including the major cities of Osaka and Kyoto.

Since 1993 there was such a strong typhoon reached Japan.

Evacuation warnings have been issued for more than 300.000 people in western Japan, including 280.000 in the port city of Kobe with local officials setting up 1.500 shelters, according to the government and local officials.

Up to 600 flights were cancelled, including international flights departing and arriving at Nagoya and Osaka, along with ferries connecting the ports of western Japan. Schools and business have also closed down.

Japan is not unknown to typhoons, since it is struck by them each summer and autumn but not at this magnitude. The country is already recovering from record heatwaves followed by the deadly rainfalls that killed over 200 people this summer in western and central Japan.


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