Drama in the US with the nominee of the Supreme Court


A huge political drama has ensued in the United States the last couple of days, with the level of viciousness and debauchery reaching never before seen lows.

The victim Christine Blasey Ford is accusing the nominee to the Supreme Court Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh that President Donald Trump proposed, of sexually assaulting her while they where in College at Yale University, something that happened more than 30 years ago.

Kavanaugh at the time was member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, now defunct which was notorious for its actions against women at the campus. Among each many acts were stealing and hanging women underwear’s and making a flag. Of course this was done before the Judge joined the fraternity which does not exist anymore and had said that the procurement of the undergarments was with consent by the girls.

Also on question was his drinking habits with many media reporting that he used to pass out completely. That he was agressive and would get into fights. Of course the man that seats at the top of the Supreme Court of the world most powerful nation must be of impeccable character. But allegations of decades old that happened when he was unknown, without evidence is an all time low.

We must not forget that Obama also has said in an interview on 2001 that he was a thug and did illegal substances, when he was young. He didn’t get dragged through the mud for that.

Regardless the fight between Democrats and Republicans has reached an all time low especially after the hearing of confirmation of the Judge were he had reached his boiling point after some ridiculous questions. Like if he had touched with his genetilla any women without consent. Questions like these were asked on public international television. While his wife and family watched.

Of course Kavanaugh was not confirmed and rather by an upset turnaround senator Jeff Flake (Republican) voted for a week pause, until an FBI investigation could procure more evidence for or against Kavanaugh. We must not forget that Flake and Trump exchanged public insults with each other.

Of course the senator said that it was because he was not sure, that he believed both the alleged victim and Kavanaugh and needed more evidence in order for things to be cleared. For the democracy of the US to not be dragged through the mud.

He must have not being paying attention but this has already happened with the most sad and pathetic hearing in the history of world politics. The man who would seat at the top seat of Justice and any man must not go through this charade of political maneuvering again in order to secure decisive blows for the coming mid-term elections.

The Democrats are accusing that the FBI probe is of limited scope and the that the bureau has not investigated more witnesses. But the real goal was the above, senator Feinstein waited for more than 10 days before she enacted the hearing, in order to be closer to elections.


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