Co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen dead at 65


    The co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen died from cancer at age 65. He and Bill Gates founded in 1975 what would become a giant of technology Microsoft.

    They met at Lakeside School in Seattle at age 14 Allen and age 12 Gates having been bonded by their common interest and love for computing. The father of Paul Allen was director of libraries at University of Washington where the two kids spend their time programming and honing their talent for programming.

    At University of Washington the two of them launched their first venture Traf-O-Data which was a program that monitored traffic of data, but at the time it was a failure because others also created similar programs and gave it for free. Thus the business model for this first ventured was doomed to fail. But the experience that was gained was invaluable for the future steps the two men would take.

    Of course the relation of the two men was not always ideal after his departure from Microsoft in 2000 and since in 2011 Allen published a book inside which he mentioned heated negotiations that happened in Microsoft regarding equity and his final departure having been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer.

    Allen was definitely among the planets super rich having a net worth of approximately $20.3 billion, had two yachts the first is a  414 foot yacht called Octopus that has 2 helipads, a basketball court, submarine, music studio, swimming pool and other luxurious amenities, the second is a 300 foot yacht called Tattoosh.

    Aside from the two sea vessels Allen owned a multitude of houses in the US, in Europe and probable elsewhere. Had a collection of planes and of course paintings and art like Monet, Rodin and Rothko. He was owner of Portland Trail Blazers basketball team since 1988 and bought in 1997 the Seattle Seahawks who in 2014 won the Supper Bowl, America’s biggest football event.

    It is also estimated that during his lifetime he donated over $1.5 billion of his personal wealth to charities and had pledged to give more than half of his wealth during his lifetime, something that obviously he did not achieve like other wealthy magnates with similar goals like for example Carnegie, although Carnegie was able to donate the majority of his wealth before his death while Allen only a fraction.

    Regardless he is definitely a man that helped shape the modern technological world and usher in a new age for mankind. He had a vision for the future stating in 1977 “I expect the personal computer to become the kind of thing that people carry with them, a companion that takes notes, does accounting, gives reminders, handles a thousand personal tasks.”

    Note of the Editor: We must always remember that material wealth also comes with a weight to the consciousness of the human that has it. How good or bad of a human being he may have been is something that we can never know. The unknown humans that exist in every corner of our Earth have equal value to the known “beneficiaries” of humanity. Thus I cannot say if he was a good or bad human or if his legacy is a positive or a negative one, time will tell. May he recognize the mistakes that he may have done during his brief life and may he see a better world with his eyes in eternity, because sometimes the visionaries are the ones that are blind. That is my farewell to this unknown human.


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