NASA’s InSight landed successfully on MARS after long trip in space Another small step for humanity, or only for some humans? Time always tells.


    InSight is the acronym that NASA gave to the lander vehicle that just touched down on planet Mars, meaning Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport.

    It’s mission is to study the seismic waves that will occur on Mars and also to study the rock formations that exist in the interior of the planet. This will allow scientists to understand how other planets formed like Mercury, Earth and Venus. It can also measure meteorite impacts.

    The trip to Mars lasted 205 days and its cost is close to $1bn. This is the 8th time that NASA has landed on the planet.

    It must be pointed out that the United States has its eyes fixed on space. With company SpaceX planning pay-loads to Mars by 2022 and its founder Elon Mush saying that he will die on the planet (not to be taken too seriously, for example he was fined $20 million by the SEC and ousted as president because of a tweet about taking Tesla private something that infuriated investors).

    Regardless the US seems to be serious about its long-term strategic goals and space definitely is part of those goals.

    I will close with a foreshadowing epilogue, even though we should be optimistic about the future of humanity because everything in the Universe is governed. The reader can guess by who and what, with a little foresight and faith.

    The reality is that gigantic sums of money are given to projects such as these who may or may not benefit humanity in the end. Instead the authorities of a civilized country should focus on real world problems and its citizens and addressing the growing inequalities that exist especially on the economic level. And then continue to other levels.

    Despite the well-meaning applause that the scientists give to each other with every “successful” and costly project, humans continue to kill, deceive and rob each other in all parts of the world. Wars are being waged with thousands of human casualties and many countries face economic strangulation and warfare by unknown elites and their agendas.

    The Universe is Infinite and our home is the Earth. Who is also unknown. A gigantic part of the Earth is still unknown. Who knows what metals or oils hide in unknown to us regions and with what magnificent properties. It is my belief that we should first discover our planet and ourselves and then proceed in time if it is needed (which it will not) to other planets. Part of this discovery is to also create proper Civilizations, or rather One Golden Civilization that will unite the world under one banner that of Peace and Order. Not of material gains but of Inner Stability. That is the road we should look for and I am sure that the Stars will be our guides as they always have been.


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