Theresa May remains in power after winning no-confidence vote The Prime Minister will continue to lead Brexit negotiations, as she wins with large margins the no-confidence vote by 200 to 117.


The PM of Great Britain Theresa May remained in power after a no-confidence vote by her fellow party members that failed to throw her out of Downing Street.

The no-confidence vote was set in motion by some angry Conservatives that managed to collect the 48 signatures needed in order to trigger the vote.

But their attempted coup failed miserably, since Theresa May won by 200 to 117. She was elected with 199 votes.

So not only did they fail to oust her but they empowered her. This means that they cannot take action against her for at least a year.

Of course May took this whole process to heart and decided that she will not run for re-election in 2022.

The EU does not look likely to give any more concessions and May said that she will fight for changes in her Brexit deal.

The Leavers are very dissatisfied with her and do not seem to change their opinion saying that “if you are going to a race with two horses, you can’t ride both of them” referring to Remainers.

Whatever the political power play and intrigue the UK is set to leave the EU on March 29, 2019. That leaves three months remaining for a deal to be reached. A new trade agreement is not in sight at the moment, so this time frame will be important for the EU and the UK.


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