Second Trump-Kim summit ends abruptly with no deal signed The summit overlapped with the testimony in Congress of the ex-lawyer of Trump, testifying against him


The second summit for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula ended suddenly with the American and the North Korean side having to walk away after just one day of talks.

The US President Donald Trump made the 20 hour trip to Vietnam in hopes that his personal relation with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un would prove fruitful after the first disappointing summit in Singapore.

The same hopes it appears that the North Korean leader also had as he stated that he would not be there if he did not have the intention of moving forward with the denuclearization of his country. Estimates say that he has about 60 or more nuclear warheads already.

The talks came amidst the grilling by US Senators in Congress of Trumps ex-lawyer Michael Cohen who worked for Trump for at least a decade, but after 2016 saw his life spiraling down with going to jail and losing his law licence among other things. He called Trump a “racist”, a “conman”, a “cheat” and other heavy hitting words as he tried to expose the “true” face of the President.

At the same time the sons of Trump, Eric and Donald Jr. hit with repeated tweets about the farcical statements that Cohen made during his testimony. The President also made the following tweet before going to Vietnam.

Even though the two events overlapped each other the US-North Korean talks came to an end after the two sides did not reach an agreement about the lifting of all the US economic sanctions on North Korea.

The North Koreans wanted all the sanctions lifted and by doing so they would start dismantling their nuclear warheads. But the American side believed that would be giving away too much too soon, since there are intelligence reports that show that North Korea has kept other undesignated nuclear locations that would not appear on the deal.

Thus even though the summit was scheduled to end with a sign, the two sides walked away for now, with the US President stating that they are not in a hurry to solve the problem and that this is a long-term procedure.

Whatever the future holds the American side has many geo-strategic locations “open” with Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and now the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, the Korean War which has not yet ended with a peace treaty but with a truce would be one less front to fight in the global chessboard, that the US has created over the years of its various activities as the leading military nation of the world.

The live press conference of the US President:


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